Commercial Pool Deck Renovations for Custom Designs and Safer Materials

17 June 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you plan to renovate a commercial pool, the deck surface is an area where you want to invest. Today, safer deck paving surfaces can make your pool area safer and give you more design options. Consider the following commercial pool deck renovations and whether they'd improve your property:

Replacing Equipment Covers

Your pool equipment may have various covers to help protect it and prevent injuries. Some of the covers for things like skimmers and cover grommets can be hazards when your pool is open during the summer months. You can talk to your commercial pool deck service about replacing these covers with modern safety equipment. This needs to be done before the soft pavements are installed, and the new pool deck surface is completed.

Choosing Colorful Pavement Designs

One of the biggest benefits of using a porous pool deck surfacing is that there are a lot of options for colors. This can give you choices to integrate branding, logos, and custom designs into your new pool deck surface. If you want to have a more memorable design for your pool, you may want to ask about including logo and branding features in the design of the new deck surface. These features can also include artistic and decorative designs to make your new pool deck unique and one-of-a-kind.

Creating a Stone Look with Softer Pavements

The colorful pavement designs may not be right for every commercial pool deck surfacing. You may want to have a more elegant design for your pool deck resurfacing project. Today, these materials also come in more natural color tones, which can be used to create the look of stone pavements. You may want to ask about options for stone textures and features like cool pool deck surfacing that helps keep the pavement from getting too hot.

Installing Pool Deck Surface Drain Systems

One of the problems that you may want to address when installing a new pool deck is drainage. Therefore, you may want to ask about installing a drainage system for the pool deck areas. This can be great for larger commercial pool installations because the water can be reclaimed through the pool filtration system. The porous pavement materials that are used for soft pool deck installations absorb water and provide a slip-resistant surface.

The softer pool deck surfacing will give you the safe pavement you need for a commercial property. Contact a commercial pool deck resurfacing service to discuss these options to renovate your property.