3 Reasons Fire Rated Doors Are Worth The Installation Cost

12 November 2020
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The quality of the doors you install in your house determines how safe the house will be from intruders, fires, storm damage, and other risks. When you install a weak or poor quality door, you can expect to deal with burglary attempts and other incidents more often. On the other hand, whenever you make up your mind to install a superior quality door, such as a fire-rated door, you create a reliable and strong access control system for your house.

Fire-rated doors are popular, and their popularity and effectiveness aren't going down any soon. These doors are usually designed to minimize the damage that might occur to your building if a fire broke out. Installing these doors is an effective way of keeping your loved ones out of danger, especially from unexpected incidents. Here are three reasons to pay some extra money for a fire-rated door.

They Are Made from Superior Quality Material

A combination of materials is used to make the fire-rated doors. These materials include glass, which is used as a vision panel, and gypsum, which usually acts as an endothermic filler. Parts of the door might also contain steel and aluminum. The resulting door is strong, sturdy, and does not catch fire easily.

The quality of the material used also means that the door will serve you for many decades without the need for replacement. You can even customize it to suit your specific temperature and safety needs.

They Look Attractive

The older versions of fire doors were more about function and less about aesthetics or appearance. But with time, most door manufacturers have realized that beauty is critical in interior and exterior design. This means one has to balance beauty and efficiency when installing the door. The new generation of fire doors is, therefore, available in many attractive designs and shapes.

The manufacturers can also customize the door to match your company or home's interior or exterior decor. 

They Are Useful for Soundproofing

Another thing that homeowners look for when choosing doors is whether they are soundproof. When you get the right fire-rated door, the people outside shouldn't hear what's going inside the house or office. That's why even business people install them in their workplace because they help keep environmental noise away and make the workplace conducive for formal meetings. The filler material in fire-rated doors gives them soundproofing quality.

These are three of the many reasons why it is okay to spend a few more dollars on a fire-rated door. A quality door will save your building from fire damage and also keep you safe for decades.

For more information, contact a fire-rated door supplier.