Performing An Energy Audit For Doors And Windows

9 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The doors and windows of your home are essential to both keeping hot air outside and cool air inside during the warmer months, and sealing in the heat during the winter. These elements are key in ensuring a home is energy efficient. But how do you know whether your current doors and windows are performing optimally?

Standard Tests

There are tests that can be performed to determine where there may be drafts and other issues. A technician can offer to perform a blower door test on your home. They will bring in a large blower that can gust winds of about 25 miles per hour into the home by placing it into the door. While the machine is blowing, they can check outside of the home to feel for any air that is escaping. This test is easy and does not take much time, and it's an accurate way to determine where there may be air leaks.

Another test that can be performed is called a thermographic test. Using an infrared camera, the technician points a tool with a screen at various parts of the home. The infrared light will show areas where the temperature is either too high or too low, isolating the problematic area. This test can be performed outside and inside of the home, with a focus on the windows and doors. It can also help identify issues with insulation or problems with duct work.

Do it Yourself Tests

A simpler way to check your current windows and doors is to take a good look at the weather stripping around the seals. Over time, this weather stripping can wear down due to doors and windows being opened and closed repeatedly. Look for loose strips or worn materials, and simply purchase and install replacements. You can find weather stripping at just about any home improvement store. Ideally, new weather stripping should be applied to doors annually. You can also look for caulking around windows that has come loose or that has been damaged. Re-caulking these areas will create a tight seal.

Your home's HVAC unit works in synergy with your doors and windows. Check your unit and make sure all coils are properly cleaned. Change your air filter once per month to prevent clogging and overloading the system. Look for a vapor barrier under your attic's insulation. This barrier is designed to help prevent excess moisture and seal in hot or cool air. Once you've determined that all of these things are properly sealed and working correctly, you should notice a positive change in your energy bill and your home's heating and cooling efficiency. If you need to install new windows and doors, contact trusted contractors, such as J & J Aluminum & Vinyl Products.