3 Steps To Getting Rid Of Mold After Flooding

8 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

There is nothing more frustrating than having your basement or other room in your house flood. Personal possessions are ruined and electrical fires can potentially start. Unfortunately, there is another, often unseen problem that can occur after water has invaded your basement: mold. Luckily, there are three simple steps to getting rid of mold.

1. Completely Dry out the Affected Area

The first step is to completely dry out the room or rooms that have been flooded. This can be done by first reducing the amount of standing water by mopping it up using a traditional mop, lots of towels, or a commercial solution. Then, any leftover moisture once the bulk of the water has been removed can be dried by using one or more fans. These fans will increase the evaporation of the water and prevent any further condensation. This will remove any excess moisture and prevent any new mold from forming.

2. Disinfect the Room

Then, the person cleaning up the mess needs to disinfect all surfaces that were touched by water. This is because any surfaces that were touched by water will have mold growth. Using disinfectant spray and towels or disinfectant wipes will be sufficient to kill off any mold spores. Also be certain to disinfect any furniture or other items that were touched by the water before they are moved out of the affected area for cleaning or other restorative measures. This will prevent the mold spores from spreading beyond that room.

3. Use a Preventative Substance

There are many different commercial substances that can be purchased that will be able to prevent future mold growth, in case any spores were missed during the disinfecting phase. These substances are available in nontoxic forms, which make them safe to use around animals and small children. These substances will be able to crush the spores to their roots if anything grows overnight. Once the substance has been applied for a day or two, it can be cleaned off. Because the spores have been completely destroyed, it is guaranteed that no more mold will grow.

By removing any current mold growth and preventing future mold growth, it is possible to prevent the danger that mold spores pose to personal possessions and the walls, floor, and ceiling. It will also prevent anyone with mold allergies from having to suffer. If your cleanup job is particularly large, contact a local water restoration company like Thompson Valley Disaster Kleenup to hire services or get more information.