How To Fix A Leak In Your Water Main

1 December 2014
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It helps to fix a water line repair as soon as possible to prevent from flooding your home. Water mains are simply underground water pipes that can break or leak. If a break happens or the pipe leaks, then water can escape from it. Here are four steps your plumber must follow to repair your pipes.

Find the Location of the Leak

When you contact a plumber, he or she has to come to your home to determine the impact, severity and location of your break. First the water main has to be shut off. This is done by closing off the valves that control your main. 

Two things may occur depending on the type of leak. Shutting off the water main will either decrease the flow of water from the leak or completely shut off the main.  Performing this step should reveal where the water is leaking from.

Identify Location of Utilities

Construction crews have to identify the location of all utilities before doing any digging. Example utility mains may include natural gas, electricity distribution, telecommunication, cable television, waste water pipes, street lights, water mains and storm drains. Construction crews have to locate and label the different utility mains that they find underground. They have to locate the utilities to ensure that the repair can be made without damaging other mains.


Excavation involves digging up a portion of your lawn to expose the problematic water main. After your plumber fixes the leak, he or she will then flush your pipes. Your water is also tested to ensure quality before restoring service.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Some homeowners are hesitant about getting their pipes prepared because of not wanting their yards tore up. Many companies use a trenchless method. This method consists of digging a small hole at the end and beginning of the pipe line. It can usually be done within a day. The trenchless pipe repair allows for getting to your pipes without tearing up your lawn.

The amount of time it takes to fix the water line depends on the location of the leak. This means having to go without water until the repair is completed and not repairing your water pipe leaves your sewer and water line vulnerable to a number of problems like cracked and burst pipes.  It helps to find a company that is experienced and can complete the repair within a reasonable time.

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