3 Signs It's Time To Call For Repairs For Your Furnace Or Air Conditioner

1 December 2014
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Never wait until your furnace or central air conditioner actually stops working before you call for repairs. There are times when your heating or cooling systems are actually working but need the attention of a professional, such as Fred's Plumbing & Heating, and ignoring these signs can cause the damage to get worse and in turn, may shut down your unit altogether. Consider three signs it's time to call for repairs to your furnace or your air conditioner at home or in the office.

1. You hear any unusual sounds coming from your unit

A furnace or air conditioner may make a low dull hum as the fan and motor both run and the air is pushed through your vents, but as soon as you hear grinding noises, thumping or bumping noises, or anything else unusual coming from the unit, then it's time to call for repairs. These are usually signs that a part has fallen off or is grinding against another and if you ignore this, the problem may get worse. The motor or fan may also be burning out and if not repaired or replaced, the unit may simply stop working over time.

2. You notice unusual smells coming from your unit

Occasionally your furnace may smell a bit dusty and this is usually a sign that your vents may need to be cleaned, as the dust is pushed into the air. If you smell something burning, this may be a sign that the motor or fan of your furnace may be burning out. A moldy or musty smell may mean that there is a water leak or condensation that is building up and ignoring this can lead to damage of the condenser coils of your air conditioner or may allow mold and mildew to be spread through your home.

Any odd or unusual smells coming from your furnace, especially if they're very strong, should be checked out by a professional. This will ensure you at least know what is causing the smell and can determine if it's a simple cleaning job or something that needs to be repaired.

3. Your home is not heated or cooled evenly

While upstairs rooms may be slightly warmer simply because heat rises, for the most part your home should be heated and cooled evenly when you're using your furnace or air conditioner. If not, this could be a sign that you need repairs of some sort. The fan may be burning out or your thermostat may need replacing. Call for a repairperson as soon as you notice this problem.