Your Home's Septic System: Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

13 October 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Your home likely produces tremendous amounts of waste water over the course of the day. Whether it is from the toilet or kitchen sink, all the water that goes down your pipes must be disposed of in a safe and practical way. Unfortunately, not every home is connected to a city sewer system, but septic systems are specifically designed to accommodate these homes. Yet, there may be a couple of questions about your septic system that you would like answered. 

Why Do Septic Tanks Need To Be Pumped?

There is a great variety of bacteria that lives in a septic tank, and this bacteria is responsible for breaking down any organic matter that is in the tank. However, some homeowners make the mistake of putting things down their drains that these bacteria are not able to break down, and this can lead to large deposits. Also, the bacteria may not be able to completely break down all the organic matter that is present in the tank, and this can also lead to potentially damaging deposits. Over time, these deposits can clog the complex network of pipes that allow the water to drain from the tank. 

When you have your septic tank pumped, a special industrial strength vacuum is used to remove these materials from the system. By having this type of maintenance done once every few years, you can help ensure that your septic system does not experience a major clog that requires excavating much of your yard to repair. 

What Does The Drain Field Do?

The septic tank is responsible for breaking down the solid matter that goes through your home's plumbing, but the remaining water must be disposed of through a drain field. This is an area of your yard where treated water from the septic tank is emptied through buried pipes. 

Unfortunately, if you do not have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis, it is possible for large pieces of matter to clog these pipes. When this happens, your home can experience severe plumbing issues, and the area of your yard that contains the drain field may flood. If you notice either of these problems, you should immediately contact a professional. By having this problem addressed early, you may be able to mitigate the damage to your system. 

A septic system is critical for any home with running water that is not connected to the city's sewer system. By understanding the answers to these two common questions (and getting it clean through a company such as Country Pump Out or another address), you will be better informed about your system, and this can help you know when it is time to contact a professional to service it.