Preparing For A Move? Tips For Successful Pantry Packing

9 October 2014
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When you're planning a move, careful preparation can help you to make the process easier. One of the spaces that will need careful attention is your pantry. A well-stocked pantry is a valuable resource when you are trying to control your food costs, but it can also be a hurdle to deal with when you're moving. Here are some tips to simplify your pantry packing and reduce the chances of finding spoiled food weeks after your move.

Cleaning Things Out

A few weeks before the move, go through the pantry to figure out what's there. Take out anything that's perishable or won't travel very well and try to work it into your meal plans over the next couple of weeks. This is the best way to limit waste and make use of the things that you have.

In fact, one of the best ways to do this is to plan a "cleaning out the pantry" party. Have several friends over and make a variety of dishes using foods in the pantry and the freezer. Then, you can send leftovers home with everyone.

Packing Things Up

Packing food requires a careful approach. You need to make sure that everything is packed safely. If you aren't attentive to how everything is secured, you're likely to open a box and find its contents covered in flour, sugar or sauce. Use the following tips to pack specific items in your kitchen:

Canned Items

Cans are probably one of the easiest things to pack, but the weight adds up quickly. You'll want to make sure that you distribute the weight throughout several boxes. Start with a few small or medium boxes, and place a layer of cans in the bottom of each one. Then, fill the empty space with light things, such as napkins, paper products and plastic silverware.

Dry Goods

Pack all of your dry goods, such as flour, sugar and rice, into plastic storage containers. Opt for containers that you can seal tightly so that they not only stay fresh but also secure. Once you've sealed them in containers, you can pack them in medium-sized boxes. Keep them upright and pack around them with newspaper if you want to keep them stable.

Spice Jars

Spices, extracts and seasonings can lead to a serious mess if they break open in a moving box. Wrap each jar in bubble wrap before you pack them, then treat them the same way you would glass plates and dishes.

With some advanced attention and careful packaging, you'll be able to preserve all of your long-term pantry items no matter how far across the country you're moving. If you are uncertain about how some items will transport, talk with a moving company like Swain Moving & Storage Ltd, for some packing support and advice.