3 Safety Precautions To Follow While You Are Using A Man Lift

8 October 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If the construction company that you work for has rented a man lift, or aerial lift, for a particular job, you may have to use it periodically. While you are operating, you want to take every precaution to stay safe before and while operating the machinery. Below are three tips to keep you from hurting yourself.

Be Watchful Of Any Power Lines Near The Lift

While positioning the lift, look around to see if there are any power lines nearby. Make sure that there are no electrical wires within a ten foot radius of the base. If something were to happen and the lift should tip over, this will prevent you from striking one of the lines and electrocuting yourself.

Also, make sure there are no lines within ten feet of the lift's maximum height. This will prevent you from accidentally hitting the lines, as well as give some leeway in case the wires droop down.

Check To Make Sure The Brakes Are Secure

Once you have figured out where to place the lift, make sure you set the wheel locks and brakes on the base. After doing this, check to make sure that everything is secured and that the lift will not tilt.

This can be done by standing in the basket while it is still in its lowest position. Gently bounce up and down, then side to side. If you feel the lift lurch at all, get out and reset the locks and brakes. 

Wear A Safety Harness While In The Basket

Before you get into the basket, put on a safety harness that may have been provided by either the rental company or your employer. This should be securely attached to the lift in case you fall out of the basket. It will prevent you from hitting the ground.

After putting the harness on, inspect and tug the latches to make sure they are fastened tightly. Also, look at the cable that is attached to the lift to ensure it is secure. Yank on it as hard as you can to assure yourself that it is secure.

Keeping safety at the forefront of your mind is imperative while using an aerial lift. If you do not feel comfortable or qualified to operate the equipment safely, ask if someone else can. If not, your employer may want to ask the man lift rental company if they provide operators that are fully licensed and adept at working it.