3 Reasons To Get Wise To The Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring In Schools

6 October 2014
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Planning a school construction involves many interior design choices, and flooring is one of the most important ones that school administrators and structural planners make during the design process. If you're looking for affordable flooring options beyond traditional industrial carpeting and terrazzo installations, consider the amazing benefits of polished concrete flooring – and the many reasons why it is ideal for school and educational environments.

1. Lead the Way to Green Thinking With an Eco-friendly Flooring Option

Institutions of learning can promote green thinking in their students by taking Eco-friendly approaches in the design process of their school. Polished concrete is a sustainable flooring option, as polishing concrete eliminates the need for additional energy or material consumption that installing a floor covering requires.

Furthermore, polished concrete is free of volatile organic compounds, and there are no applications of epoxies, waxes or urethane necessary to create a lovely polished concrete surface – meaning no residual hazardous waste or slurry.

Concrete floors are commonly called 'Century Flooring' by architects, designers and contractors because of their ability to last 100+ years! Wholly recyclable when reclaimed, durable, and a low environmental impact – polished concrete is the ultimate in green flooring solutions.

2. Less Allergens Than Carpeted Flooring

Allergies are on the rise around the world according to a report compiled by CBC News. These statistics from 2009 indicated that doctors diagnosed asthma in more than 8.4% of Canadian adults and an astonishing 13.4% of children are sufferers, Furthermore, allergic rhinitis is believed to affect 10-25% of the global population, and sufferers are three times more likely to later suffer from asthma.

Reducing exposure to allergens can help diminish asthma risks, and polished concrete flooring is allergen-free and doesn't harbor dust, mites, or support mold growth like many other types of flooring installations. There's no stripping and waxing necessary in maintaining polished concrete floors, which further reduces student's and staff's exposure to potential irritants and toxic fumes.

3. Show Your School Spirit and Create An Inspiring Look

Entryways, hallways, and common areas like cafeterias and atriums make exquisite areas to emblazon your school's logo or mascot on the wall. So, why not let your school spirit shine through on your polished concrete floors? With and array of colors and design possibilities, concrete flooring with a school logo will bring you decades of enjoyment – and hopefully team victories!

Moreover, research supports the various effects of color in classrooms. Consider using flooring with colors that stimulate participation and promote information retention for older students. However, younger minds often respond brilliantly to vibrant colors and patterns. From logos that foster spirit to those that promote wisdom, use your polished concrete flooring to your every advantage.

Still want to know more about the benefits of polished concrete floors for installation in your school? Contact your local construction and cement professionals to see how natural concrete floors can make a difference in your educational institution. For more help, contact a company like Eagle Rock Concrete Grinding & Polishing with any questions or comments you have.