Types Of Scaffolding

3 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Scaffolding is used in construction to make it easier for people and materials to work at higher levels. Also known as staging, scaffolding has been used since ancient times to allow workers to build higher buildings in a safe manner. There are several types of scaffolding that can be used for various construction projects. Knowing exactly what kind of scaffolding your project needs can be a confusing thing.

Here are the different types of scaffolding available to help you choose the right one for your construction project:


A rolling scaffold is one that is set on a base the is equipped with wheels. This allows the scaffold to be moved as needed around the construction site. It also allows workers to work from a distance that is greater than one provided by a scaffold that is immobile. As long as the wheels are locked while the scaffold is in use, this type of scaffolding is as safe to use as a supported scaffold.


Supported scaffolding is what is most commonly seen around construction sites. This type of scaffolding is built in place from the base up. It's a cost-effective form of scaffolding that is safe and convenient to use. If a lot of weight is going to be placed on the scaffold, then extra support can be added as needed to accommodate it.


A suspended scaffold is hung from a tall building or construct, or from the roof. These scaffolds are used when upper levels need to be reached and a regular scaffold would not be practical to use. They are also used if a base cannot be built for any reason.


Mobile scaffolding is semi-permanent. It can be put together at one construction site, then taken down and reconstructed at another for a fast scaffold. This type of scaffolding is considered to be perfectly safe to use, but more permanent structures are still preferred over this kind. This is because a mobile scaffold may lose its strength or small parts when being taken apart and put together again over and over.

Aerial Lift

Aerial lifts are used when workers and the materials they need have to access several levels. An example would be when a building needs repairs on the outside, and these repairs span two or more floors. The aerial lift will allow workers to have access to these floors without the need for multiple scaffolds to be built or rolled into place. Some aerial lifts allow workers to work on more than one floor at a time.

Scaffolds make construction work easier and safer for everyone involved no matter what kind of project is being worked on. The right kind of scaffold will make your project's construction flow more easily. If you want to know more or have other questions, try contacting a company like IEQ Scaffolding to learn more.