3 Ways To Customize Your Pavement

7 November 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

After you have taken the time to build your dream home, it can be frustrating to think about adding a boring, gray driveway or walkway. However, modern pavement companies can make your space more interesting than you might think. Here are three ways that they might be able to customize your pavement, so that you can make your space special.  

1: Add an Acid Stain

Are you worried about that driveway clashing with your tan Tuscan-style villa? Believe it or not, you might be able to have the ground completely transformed by asking pavement contractors to apply an acid stain to your concrete. Acid stain can be wiped, painted, or sprayed on pavement, and it works by reacting with the pavement and changing the color.

If you are worried about your pavement looking painted, you shouldn't be. Because each concrete slab is a little bit different, stain will soak into areas and create natural, gorgeous striations in the pavement. Acid stain is also available in many different colors including tan, black, brown, blue, and even shades of red, so that you can customize your space according to your design preferences.

2: Get it Stamped

Sometimes after you are finished building your home, it can be difficult to think about dealing with the cost of a natural stone driveway. However, you might be able to recreate the look of carefully laid brick or cobblestone by having your pavement stamped.

After your driveway is poured, professional concrete contractors will go through and carefully apply large stamps to the surface to alter the shape. After the entire space has been stamped, your driveway will be left to cure like normal. Stamped concrete can even be stained afterwards to create an ultra-realistic effect.

3: Incorporate Inlays

If you want to tie in some of your home's exterior design elements, you should think about asking pavement contractors—such as Hamilton Paving—to incorporate stone inlays into your walkway or driveway design. By adding rows of different colors of stones or brickwork alongside your walkway or driveway, they can create a more in-depth look.

For example, you might decide to have red brick pavers laid in a chevron pattern around the edges of your driveway to tie in with the color of your home. If you have natural stone lining the exterior of your house, you might think about using that stone as part of an inlay pattern around your driveway. Inlays give you the opportunity to add interesting details for a fraction of the price.

Being familiar with your pavement customization options might help you to boost your home's curb appeal and make your new house look even more high-end.