Preparing Your Garage Doors For Winter

2 November 2014
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While you are preparing your home for winter weather, be sure not to overlook you garage door. Most people do not even think about doing anything to prepare the garage door for nasty weather and then are surprised when an issue arises. Read on to learn what you can do before, during, and after a winter storm to protect your garage door.

Preparing for the Storm

You should always keep your garage door well maintained regardless of the season or the weather, but it becomes especially important as cold weather approaches because the cold temperatures can cause your garage door not to operate properly.

Be sure that all moving parts are properly lubricated. This way, when they do get cold, they won't stick or stall. You shouldn't have a problem at all, just a working garage door.

It is important to prepare your driveway, the sidewalks, and the entrances to your home for snow or ice. You can spread sand or salt out to keep the areas from becoming slippery. You want to cover your driveway and any areas where you normally walk. Don't forget to spread sand or salt inside and outside of your garage door so that it won't be able to stick and freeze to the floor when snow accumulates.

Before the snow comes, be sure that you have your snow clearing tools out of your garage. You shovel or snow blower may become hard to get to if the garage door is piled up with snow, and having it out ahead of time will make the clearing process quicker and prevent snow from getting inside of your garage.

During the Storm

If you are dealing with a long lasting storm, you should shovel some while it is still snowing. You can prevent the snow from piling up at your door and other places where it really doesn't need to be and as a bonus, you won't have to do a large shovel job later.

Remember when you shovel that you don't want to just clear the ground. You need to completely shovel the snow to reach the ground so that you have less chances of having areas that freeze over.

Handling the Aftermath

Once the storm is over, inspect your garage door for any damage. Check the parts and make sure they are still moving properly. If something looks out of place, call a professional like Aurora Overhead Door Inc for an inspection and repair.

These small steps before, during, and after a winter storm can make all the difference in the life of your garage door. Take care of it properly and you will enjoy it for its full life instead of having to replace it early.